How Walee works

For Businesses

Walee provides online earning Opportunities for digitally-connected individuals to sell products and services for Businesses, by using their networks on digital platforms and social media, and offline using personal and professional networks. Walee makes it possible for Businesses and brands to work with Influencers, Bloggers and Agents to track and measure performance efficiently, cost-effectively and at scale.

Example: Let’s say you’re an e-commerce company that sells t-shirts using our Influencers. Based on your target outcomes, you could use partnership options matched to different Influencers with different objectives for each Campaign, such as:

  • Sales from fashion websites specializing in T-Shirts or general fashion wear
  • Brand awareness from clothing review sites to generate web traffic
  • High-value leads from Instagram and YouTube Influencers in selected cities to promote your “Buy 2 get 1 free T-Shirt deal”
  • Other outcomes could range from driving newsletter Sign ups, generating reseller leads or even helping build attendance at your next sales conference event.

You simply pay based on what was delivered. Just pay for real results.