This module helps admin to view all the details of influencer’s transaction history.

View Transaction Details


  1. Click on “i” icon next to amount column.
  2. A transactiond detail pop-up will appear
  3. Click Ok to close the pop-up

View Business Profile details


  1. Cliick on the expand button next to email of the user
  2. Click on Company Info
  3. Click on point of contact
  4. Click on business info to view
  5. Click on social profiles to view social media account
  6. Click on CNIC to view cnic details
  7. Click on bank information to view the bank account details
  8. Click on settings to view profile settings e.g. profile status, user status, update email, etc.

View Business Pocket Details


  1. Click on overview to see pocket info
  2. Click on bank accounts to view the bank data
  3. Click on transactions to view the detail of all transactions

View Campaigns of Business


  1. Click on campaigns tab to view the campaign details business has worked with.